From the Notebooks of Susan Holloway Scott

More Early Praise for THE COUNTESS & THE KING

Friday, July 30, 2010
A splendid review from the 9/10 RT Book Reviews!

Known for her fictionalized biographies of naughty, bawdy Restoration-era women, it's no wonder that Scott chose the mistress of James II, brother of Charles II, as the heroine of her latest work. This is a story of a woman who followed her heart. Through glittering descriptions of 17th century England, Katherine comes to vibrant life. This is what historical biographies should do!

Katherine Sedley was born to be bad. The daughter of known libertine and a deranged mother (who believed she was the queen), she arrives at the palace as lady in waiting, ready and willing to participate in all the glory of Charles II's court. However, it is no handsome courtier who captures her attention, but Charles' younger brother, the Duke of York. He is smitten by the witty Katherine and they become lovers. Life is good until Charles dies and James ascends the throne. Now a Catholic and a man not quite ready to rule, heads England, and Katherine is caught up in the intrigues and problems that arise, forcing her to make a difficult choice. Four stars

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